Rules for the .GI Domain and Subdomains


The purpose of this document is to describe the rules for the allocation of names within the .gi domain and its subdomains.


This procedure applies to all names requested for allocation within the .gi domain and its subdomains.

Process Detail

The rules given here apply to all requests for names in the .gi domain and all subdomains of .gi except where differing rules exist for a subdomain. The rules for a subdomain shall incorporate all the rules in this document along with such additional rules that are required. Sapphire reserve the right to change these rules with the prior consent of the Committee, with 30 days notice.

All new domain requests will conform to RFCs 1034, 1035, 1122, 1123 and any subsequent replacements. In addition, Sapphire will apply a further set of restrictions on names as described below.

Some existing names would be rejected under the current rules. Similarly, if the rules are changed in the future, some names approved under one set of rules might be rejected under the changed rules. No rule change will ever affect the status of a name which has been approved before the change unless sound technical reasons require this.

Sapphire, on prior consultation with the Committee, may withdraw or suspend delegation of a name;

• if the name is administered in a way likely to endanger operation of the DNS.

• if the basis on which the name was registered has changed (e.g. the organisation making the application no longer exists).

• if it is drawn to Sapphire's attention that the name is being used in a manner likely to cause confusion to internet users.

• where Sapphire has been informed that legal action has been commenced regarding use of the name.

• if any of the Domain Name Committees' Rules are broken.

• where Sapphire is of the opinion that one of the above events is likely to occur.

Mandatory Rules

• One and two character names are not allowed.

• All top level and 2nd level generic names (e.g. co, com, net) are banned from being used as 2nd and 3rd level names except when the Committee determines to increase the .gi namespace.

• The .gi top level zone (without any preceding generic zone) is for the exclusive use of Gibraltar registered businesses and organisations and may only be used for their own local services/purposes.

• No .gi Domain Name may be used or appear to be used for pornography or any other activity that is illegal in Gibraltar.

• Any domain names which, in the opinion of the Committee, may be considered offensive or defamatory are not allowed.

• Where two applications are for the same name then the one which is received first shall have prior claim.

• In the case of a domain name dispute, Sapphire's Domain Name Dispute Policy shall be adhered to.

• There shall be at least 2 nameservers for the domain (with addresses specified in the request) operating at the time the request is submitted. There is no restriction on the physical location or IP address of these nameservers.